Photo Instagram workshop

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  • Essential skills for capturing brilliant photos on your mobile phone
  • Techniques for outdoor photography in all weather and moods
  • Unlocking the potential of the phone’s camera
  • Practical instruction of mobile features, such as retouching, photo editing
  • Strategies for sorting and organizing photos
  • Enhancing and editing photos using tools on Instagram
  • Collaboration with a small group (4-8) of smart, curious women
  • Professional female photographer will lead workshop, providing a woman’s perspective


So 09.03


So 09.03

Workshop je zrušen

O workshopu

The shortest way is the way.  Whether it's your commute to work, a day trip, a walk in the woods, a city break, a beach holiday or even your own home, there is magic in the every day. At any moment, we can pull out our mobile phone and take a photograph. However, we usually snap many photos that fill our phones memory without thinking and then rarely go back to look at them. Such a shame! It is better to take fewer pictures but take each photo with more skill, efficiency and feeling.  Our teacher will guide us, without using unnecessary technical language, on how to take high quality photos, play with color and work with different types of light and weather.  After our photo shoot, she will advise us on how to use our phones for retouching and editing photos. We will complete the workshop by posting and using the editing tools on Instagram.  We will come away from the workshop knowing how to better capture and tell the story of our lives using our phone.

Podrobné informace

Sobota 9. března

  • We will begin the course at 10:00 in the center of Prague. 
  • The lecturer will begin with the fundamentals by having us play with colors, light and the various features on our phone and then guiding us on how to unlock the full capabilities of the camera on our phones.  She will also give us tips on how to manage the weather that day – whether it is bright, dark, rainy or snowy.
  • Because we are fortunate to live in one of the most picturesque cities in the world, we will use the Prague lanes, parks, street lamps and beautiful buildings to practice our new knowledge.  But that is not all!
  • After our photo shoot, the lecturer will assist us in examining, organizing and sorting the photos.  We will select the best ones and use suitable applications for editing and retouching them under the lecturer’s guidance.  We will quickly see the benefits of our new knowledge and experience.
  • Workshop length: is about 4.5 hours.
  • A mobile phone with Android or iOS (iPhone) operating system is needed
  • The course is suitable for both beginners and advanced students
  • Photo shoot with smartphone
  • Instructional material
  • Instruction and guidance from photographer
  • Refreshments
  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Personal expenses
  • Smartphone
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