Workshop - Chocolate is not a sin! It soothes the heart, soul and skin.

Na co se můžeš těšit

  • History of chocolate cultivation and production
  • Tasting of chocolate from plantations around the world
  • Pairing of high-quality chocolates with select rums
  • Creating your own chocolate bar
  • Painting your own chocolate coating
  • Preparing a body cream of cocoa butter
  • Welcome drink and Refreshments during workshop


Út 11.12


Út 11.12

Workshop je zrušen

O workshopu

"As soon as someone gives me chocolate, I can eat it all in one sitting.  If I hear the breaking of a chocolate bar, all my worries disappear and stay tucked in a corner.  I’m addicted to chocolate and I am okay with that.”

We have a creative workshop for you, spiced with the story and history of this delicacy, coupled with tasting and blending chocolate with rum from different corners of the world and a ‘cherry on the cake’ in the form of cocoa butter cream. Chocolate is a true international food, which has been loved on all parts of the globe.  Come and subdue your passion even more and enjoy your chocolate with all your senses.

Podrobné informace

Úterý 11. prosince

We will meet in the center of Prague afternoon (16:00) and enter a chocolate paradise. First, we will learn about the history of chocolate. After we learn about the rich history of the cocoa bean, we will be craving a taste ourselves!  We will taste different chocolates with rum, and then create our own chocolate delicacy. To personalize our chocolate creation, we will also prepare our own chocolate wrapper. The cocoa bean has other healing properties. Like shea butter, cocoa butter is great for healing and moisturizing skin during the cold winter months. We will learn how to make cocoa butter cream and each participant can take home her own container of cream to use during the rest of the harsh winter months. Snacks and drinks will be available throughout the workshop. The duration of the workshop is about 3-3,5 hours.

The meeting point will be announced after the payment.

  • Chocolate workshop including tasting (about 3-3,5 hours long)
  • All ingredients and cookware provided
  • Assistance from start to finish from a professional chocolatier
  • Cocoa butter cream
  • Refreshments during the workshop
  • Gift
  • Transportation
  • Personal expenses
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